We Are Who We Are (2000)

by King Ly Chee

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This was our first album that we released in 2000...the entire album was recorded LIVE in 10 hours. Only some guitar and vocals were overdubbed later in the process by the legendary Davy of LMF/Anodize fame.


released November 14, 2000



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King Ly Chee Hong Kong

King Ly Chee is a hardcore band from Hong Kong, China active since 1999. They also run an Asian focused punk-hardcore-metal news website called UniteAsia.org

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Track Name: Everlast
I just want to rest my weary head
from this bombardment.
How can you just shut your feelings off
and pretend we never met?

When you asked me how I pushed myself away,
I just sat silent and held it all in.

I just want to rest my weary head
from this bombardment.

Now look at me!

Now I am sitting here the next morning.
Thoughts of last night are playing and rewinding.
Over and over every time they play,
it gets worse and worse.Close your…
eyes and you’ll find…
everything will be okay…
Track Name: Hopeless
If I had a choice do you think I’d waste it?
I’ve got nothing to offer,
that’s how I feel.

This music is all I have.
Can anything else come crash down on me?

I’ve got this one last piece of me in me,
and I’m going to hold it

.Been there before so don’t think you’re alone,
cause you’re not alone.
You’ll get through.
Track Name: Gotta Go See
There she goes.

There’s so much anger inside of her,
to ever properly explain.

She gets her words confused
and it feels like her,
her world is ending feels like.

There’s so much anger inside of her,
to ever properly explain.

Trapped in herself.
Never knows who’s at fault.
Just wants to live her life her life.

Save her soul.
Track Name: EPD
Why do we only think of ourselves,
as we keep stealing from our children.

Consumed by our own immediate needs,
too busy to notice that our children can’t breathe.
As they throw their hands up to the skies.
We keep silent and live out our selfish lives.
They’re choking…from our mistakes.
They’re suffocating…from our neglect.

If we don’t act now,
we’re sending them to an early grave.
Stop ridiculing those who strive for change.
Look deep into your children’s eyes.
Do they really need to suffer?
Track Name: Do Something
Hold on real tightly cause you’re in for a ride.
We’re all in the same boat so get up and help it float.
Everyday it seems like we’re waiting.
What are we waiting for?
Look in my eyes and tell me if I can take it.
Look in my eyes
I feel like giving in.
Track Name: Scarred
This is my life
that you’ve scarred.
And now honestly can you expect anything else from me?
You’ve scarred a painful past full of painful memories.

That sound keeps me up at night.